Video Streaming A Success For House of Delegates

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Video streaming of the House Of Delegates action on the floor has been greeted with enthusiasm.  From all accounts it has been very successful.  The live stream is very popular for the mid-day sessions of the House of Delegates.

A report from the Information Systems Department of the Virginia House of Delegates indicates that they are getting far beyond the 750 stream capacity on a daily basis.  Information Systems has been able to provide on the fly connectivity to ensure everyone who wants to connect to the live stream has been able to do.

The high water mark so far looks to be January 22nd when 4,181 people connected to view the live stream.  Most days are breaking 1,000 users viewing the stream at some point during the session. 

This is good news and a good demonstraton of the open and transparent government the Republican Caucus is leading in Richmond.