House Republicans Advance Pro-Growth Economic Recovery and Prosperity Agenda

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Members of the Republican Caucus held a press conference on January 28 to discuss legislation being advanced in the House of Delegates that will relieve the pressing economic strain on Virginia’s families and businesses.

Speaker Howell was joined by Delegate Jimmie Massie, Delegate Kirk Cox, Delegate Phil Hamilton, Delegate Lacey Putney and other members of the Republican caucus to discuss legislation they have introduced.

For complete coverage of the press conference, including audio clips from the conference visit the House Republican Caucus Press Office.

One Comment on “House Republicans Advance Pro-Growth Economic Recovery and Prosperity Agenda”

  1. Almost every state in usa is in rescission. The economic crisis includes Democrats, Republicans and business. President Obamas speech is very inspiring a he sounded optimistic about the economy. To know more about the economic policies which make difference to your business.

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