House of Delegates Pass 2009 Budget Amendments

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The House of Delegates has passed the 2009 budget  amendmentss on a resounding 90-8 vote.  The budget amendments for this year are a significant move forward for the state in the areas of health care and public safety.

The Governor had proposed signifcant cuts to MR waivers, which enable families to seek care for their loved ones in or near their homes.  The budget amendments restore the 200 waiver slots proposed to be cut by the Governor and add an additional 200 slots.

The Governor had proposed massive cuts to sheriffs and local police.  He proposed cutting funding by 10% to these important public safety officials.  The budget amendments passed by the House of Delegates restores the proposed cuts.

There are additional amendments that ensure education is protected in the Commonwealth as well.   The amendments provide $126 million to help colleges and universities with moderating rising tuition rates.  Amendments also protect public money going to public education to ensure money goes to the classroom.

Statement by Speaker Bill Howell