Virginia Business Leaders Show Support for House Republicans

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Standing united in support of policies that help people in need, encourage job creation and promote sustainable economic growth, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William J. Howell (R-Stafford) and House Republican Majority Caucus Chairman Samuel A. “Sam” Nixon, Jr. (R-Chesterfield) today joined with business owners and employers from across Virginia to detail the positive impact on job retention and creation of Virginia Republicans’ recent actions on unemployment insurance.

Speaker Bill Howell opens press conference and introduces business leaders

James Hatcher, III Preident of Pleasants Hardware speaks about costs of doing business

Debra Girvin, President, Lochlyn Company speaks about Virginia’s friendly business environment

John Nicholson, Co-owner, Company Flowers speaks about cost to business for unemployment insurance

Donnie Caffrey, Owner and President of Good Foods Groceries speaks about Republican action on governor amendments with regards to unemployment insurance

Delegate Sam Nixon wraps-up press conference

Speaker Howell responds to question on statements made by the Governor and House Democrats

Speaker Howell responds to a quesiton regarding the political environment in Virginia