Caucus Leaders tell US Senators about unfunded costs of Obamacare

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Speaker Howell and House Appropriations Chairman Lacey Putney wrote to Senators Warner and Webb about the extensive costs that Obamacare would impose on state government (see letter text).

In addition to the impact of adopting so-called Health Care Reform on the Federal budget deficit, Howell and Putney detail the impact on Virginia’s budget. Fearing that the Democrats in Congress will try to hide the true costs of this ill-considered Pelosi-Reid health care scheme, Howell and Putney did extensive research to document the costs that would have to be born by Virginia (which is to say Virginia taxpayers).

Howell and Putney close by noting that 54 percent of Virginians oppose the Health Care bill. They also recite the common-sense proposals for real reform that have been left out of this ill-considered legislation–medical malpractice reform, association health plans, and expanded health savings accounts.