Chairman Putney Releases House Republican Budget Proposal

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At today’s House Appropriations Committee meeting, Chairman Lacey Putney (I-Bedford), who caucuses with Republicans, released the House Republicans’ proposed amendments to the budget submitted by former Governor Tim Kaine, which accomplishes the following 8 objectives:

  1. Restore the Car Tax and reject higher taxes in a recession;
  2. Eliminate Fee Increases embedded in Gov. Kaine’s introduced budget;
  3. Modify Kaine’s “dealer discount” proposal on taxes collected by businesses
  4. Mitigate cuts to law enforcement and public safety since these activities are among the primary responsibilities of government;
  5. Invest in job-creating economic development;
  6. Minimize the impact of cuts on the health safety net;
  7. Provide school divisions maximum flexibility in implementing education budget reductions; and
  8. Establish a substantial reserve to replenish the Rainy Day Fund and help ensure a more structurally balanced budget going forward.

Chairman Putney summarized the proposal, saying: “our committee budget recommendations will clearly and strategically focus state resources on keeping our promises to fund the core services of government in a structurally more balanced manner so as the economy recovers we can begin to make new investments and enjoy growing levels of opportunities and prosperity.”

Chairman Putney’s full remarks are available here: 20100221 – News Release – Chairman Putney Remarks on Budget Amendments Released by House Appropriations Committee