Republicans Offer Real Solutions; Democrats Just Complain

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The House adopted its version of the Budget, HB 30, on a party line vote, 61-38.

Republican delegates produced a no tax, no fee increase budget by making tough choices about funding core government responsibilities.

Democrats had the opportunity to vote for former Governor Kaine’s $2 billion tax increase on January 29 (HB 1155), and voted “no.”

Democrats had the opportunity to offer amendments to increase taxes or change the way spending reductions were taken. They offered only 1 amendment to strike a cut, which would have left the budget out of balance.

They offered no alternative to the Republican proposal, all they offered were complaints with no solutions.

Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), House Majority Whip, first called out the Democrats during morning hour, losing patience with speech after speech of complaints about cuts with no alternatives presented in this speech: Del Cox Addresses the House on the Budget

Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) and Del. Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax) returned to this key them in their speeches in support of adopting the Republican amendments to the Kaine Budget: Del Albo urges the House to adopt the Republican Budget and Del Hugo calls on Democrats to step up and offer an alternative.