Putney Announces MIRC Appointments

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Virginia House of Delegates Appropriations Committee Chairman Lacey E. Putney (I-Bedford) announced Sunday the House appointments to the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission created to oversee the implementation of Medicaid reforms in the Commonwealth.

Chairman Putney appointed Delegates Steve Landes (R-Augusta), Jimmie Massie (R-Henrico), Beverly Sherwood (R-Frederick), John O’Bannon (R-Henrico) and Johnny Joannou (D-Portsmouth) to the Commission.

“These appointees will be responsible for ensuring that Medicaid reforms are fully and completely implemented in Virginia,” said Chairman Putney. “I am confident they will do a terrific job for the people of the Commonwealth.”

Delegate O’Bannon, a practicing physician, said it was necessary to ensure patient-centered, cost-saving reforms were in place before further consideration was given to Medicaid expansion.

“Medicaid is the fastest growing item in the state budget, and Medicaid expansion without significant reforms could wreck Virginia’s finances,” said O’Bannon. “We need to make sure that patient-centered, cost saving reforms are fully implemented before we think about moving forward. I look forward to serving on the Commission.”

“I have serious concerns about the costs of Medicaid expansion,” said Delegate Massie. “Reforms are the first step toward making sure Virginia does not get stuck with a big bill if and when the federal government breaks its promise to pay it. I have been around long enough to know there is no such thing as free money from the federal government and no such thing as a bigger program that costs less and works better.”

The Medicaid and Innovation Reform Commission is made up of ten voting members, five from the House and five from the Senate of Virginia. This commission will make a determination on the status of reforms as laid out in HB1500. A majority of members from both the House and Senate is required to determine if the reforms have been implemented in a manner that meets the criteria established in the budget.