Delegate Poindexter: McAuliffe has no clue

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Delegate Charles Poindexter, who represents a large part of Southern Virginia in the Virginia House of Delegates, blasted Democratic candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe for his lacking job-creation strategy in an op-ed in the Martinsville Bulletin:

It seems though that McAuliffe might be a little unfamiliar with us as well. When asked whether he would favor NCI morphing into a branch campus of a partner university or even a stand-alone university, he reportedly responded it would not be up to him to determine the institute’s future. Rather, he said he would listen to the public’s ideas on how it should evolve. Translation: I don’t have the slightest clue.

As someone who has worked closely with NCI and their students, I’m troubled the Democrat candidate for governor was not better prepared to answer this question. Workforce development is critical to our area to prepare our workers for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. We need a leader who understands this.

Virginia House Republicans have fought to make Virginia one of the best states in the nation for business. But we know we have more work to do.

By keeping taxes low, rolling back unreasonable regulations, promoting entrepreneurs and strengthening our workforce, we can continue to build and grow Virginia’s economy.

These policies have helped lower Virginia’s unemployment rate to 5.3 percent – one of the 10 lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

Terry McAuliffe doesn’t understand Virginia or what it takes to create jobs.