Poll: Virginia’s oppose Gov. McAuliffe’s plan to act unilaterally

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A new poll from Roanoke College shows that Virginians oppose Medicaid expansion and overwhelmingly oppose Governor McAuliffe’s plan to act unilaterally on Medicaid.

According to the poll, Virginians oppose expanding Medicaid 46 percent to 41 percent. More importantly, 61 percent of Virginians think Governor McAuliffe should not act unilaterally and bypass the legislature on Medicaid expansion. Only 28 percent support the Governor’s plan to expand Medicaid unilaterally.

In Virginia, there is a continuing debate over expanding Medicaid. Gov. McAuliffe says that the state should provide health care for its poorest citizens. The federal government will pay 100 percent of the cost for the first three years and 90 percent after that. Republicans say that the federal government will not be able to live up that promise and that Virginia cannot afford the additional costs. Do you think that Virginia should expand Medicaid coverage or leave it as it is?

Expand 41%
Leave as is 46%
Unsure 12%
Refused 2%

The General Assembly in Virginia has blocked Gov. McAuliffe’s plan to expand Medicaid. He has said he will try to bypass the legislature and expand Medicaid on his own.
Do you think that the governor should act on his own or not?

Yes, act alone 28%
No 61%
Unsure 10%
Refused 1%