Washington vs Richmond on balanced budgets

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What a difference 90 miles can make.

While Washington languishes in deficits and debt, Virginia is once again proving that government can live within its means.

Today, thanks to the leadership of Republicans in the House of Delegates, Virginia’s budget leaders announced a plan to close the remainder of Virginia’s $2.4 billion revenue shortfall.

Unlike Washington, Virginia is required to have a balanced budget. We can’t borrow and print money. That means we have to set priorities and make tough decisions. That’s exactly what we’re doing

We are closing Virginia’s revenue shortfall by taking fiscally responsible actions like capturing unspent balances and asking state agencies to make across-the-board spending cuts.

The General Assembly is willing to put its money where its mouth is too. We’re returning $4.9 million, or approximately six percent of the legislative branch’s budget, to the General Fund.

Washington and Richmond are only separated by 90 miles on a map, but we are worlds apart when it comes to fiscal management.