What They’re Saying: “McAuliffe’s Tantrum”

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Virginia Beach Appellate Attorney Stephen Emmert in the Daily Press

Suggesting any of them are worried that their re-election hinged on this case, “doesn’t bear with reality,” Virginia Beach appellate attorney Steven Emmert saidTuesday.

“Who’s going to be the speaker of the House in 2027?” said Emmert, who argues most of his cases before the high court. “You don’t say that kind of thing about jurists. That’s one of those inflexible rules.”

The Virginian-Pilot’s Kerry Dougherty: McAuliffe’s tantrum
Instead of insulting the justices who ruled against him and trivializing their decision, McAuliffe should apologize to Virginians for trampling on their constitution and vow not to do it again. But, as anyone who’s followed McAuliffe’s pugnacious political career knows, that’s not his style.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: McAuliffe’s gripe about the court
Climbing once again into his high chair to bang his spoon and bawl, Gov. Terry McAuliffe gripes that the Virginia Supreme Court struck down his executive order on felon voting rights because the justices are scared of the Republican legislators who appointed them.

Unlike the governor, the justices are bound by a code of ethics — so they cannot publicly defend themselves against odious smears. If they could, they might suggest that McAuliffe’s opinion that their ruling is “almost unfathomable” might have more to do with his reading comprehension than their legal analysis, which was clear and straightforward.

The Roanoke Times: McAuliffe goes Solo, shows poor sportsmanship
We’re seeing an outbreak of poor sportsmanship all around. In Rio, the goalie for the American women’s soccer team — Hope Solo — complained that the Swedes who upset the U.S. team were “a bunch of cowards.”

In Richmond, the governor of Virginia — Terry McAuliffe — complained that the four justices on the state Supreme Court who ruled against him in the felon voting rights case were “scared.” For that, McAuliffe will get the editorial equivalent of soccer’s penalty card.

… The governor may wish Article V, Section 12 didn’t exist. He may wish the court had interpreted it a different way. But he shouldn’t say the justices are “scared” and Solo shouldn’t complain the victorious Swedes are “cowards.”