Statement of Majority Leader-designee Gilbert on outside liberal activist money

chriswestCampaigns & Elections

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader-designee Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) released the following statement Thursday on the formation of an outside liberal activist group for the 2017 legislative elections.
“If Tom Perriello and wealthy outsider liberals think the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren model will help them win campaigns in Virginia, more power to them. They push an extreme, out-of-touch agenda that’s failed in Washington and won’t work for the Commonwealth.

“Virginia House Republicans are successful because we run on our record, our vision, and most importantly – as members of the communities we serve. We are citizen legislators. We’re not just Delegates in Richmond. We’re neighbors, small business owners, teachers, farmers, and doctors. We fight for the businesses and entrepreneurs that create jobs for our communities. We fight for local control of schools and opportunities for our children. We stand up for the law enforcement heroes who keep our streets safe. We know the communities we represent, and we’ll continue to fight for them in Richmond.

“Perriello, Sanders and Warren are the outgrowth of a broken Washington system. They are in search of an outlet to push their extreme, out-of-touch agenda. They want higher taxes for all Virginians, forced-unionization, extreme social policies. Minority Leader Toscano and every Virginia Democrat now has to answer for this radical agenda.

“We put our community-oriented service and track record of governing success up against outside money and failed liberal policies any day. We’re confident Virginians will see through this and re-elect leaders who they know and trust.”