House Republicans elect Leadership team for 2018-2019 General Assembly, nominate Cox for Speaker

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The Virginia House Republican Caucus on Sunday unanimously elected its leadership team for the 2018-2019 General Assembly and nominated Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) to serve as Speaker. Delegate Todd Gilbert will serve as House Majority Leader, Caucus Chairman Tim Hugo was re-elected to his fifth term as Chairman, and Nick Rush was elected House Majority Whip.

“I am proud to serve with and lead a strong and united Republican majority as we look toward the 2018 General Assembly session and beyond,” said Speaker-designee Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights). “I appreciate the vote of trust and confidence by my colleagues. We are eager to begin the work of governing, remain committed to our fundamental principles, and pledge to serve with honor and integrity.”

Cox added, “The constitutional office of Speaker brings obligations and responsibilities to more than just party, but to a nearly 400-year-old institution steeped in history, its members in both political parties, and the people of the Commonwealth. I am committed to fulfilling that role with all of the judiciousness and integrity it commands.”

“I am grateful to my colleagues for their support as Majority Leader and look forward to serving Speaker-designee Cox and the Republican caucus,” said Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah). “I also look forward to working with my colleagues across the aisle as we work to enact policies that improve and enrich the lives of all Virginians. The House of Delegates is a historic institution that for years has charted a course far different from our national politics. We disagree often, but rarely are we disagreeable in our work. I look forward to continuing to uphold the longstanding traditions of civility and decorum”

“It is an honor to continue to serve my friends and colleagues as Chairman of the House Republican Caucus,” said Chairman Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax). “Our numbers may be smaller, but our commitment to conservative principles remains firm. Our voters sent us to Richmond to be the voice of working families and small business leaders. We will put forward a practical agenda that touches on the problems people face every day. We’ll represent our constituents with pride, and serve our Commonwealth with care.”

“I deeply appreciate the confidence my colleagues have placed in me and I am eager to join Speaker-designee Cox and the House Republican leadership team,” said Majority Whip Nick Rush (R-Montgomery). “There is important work to do, and I am ready to get started.”

Speaking about the upcoming General Assembly session Commerce & Labor Chairman Terry Kilgore (R-Scott) said, “Working together as a unified majority, we are ready to get things done for the people of Virginia, regardless of how they cast their ballots in November. We’ll work together where we can, and stand up for our principles where we must.”

“For more than a decade, the House of Delegates has safeguarded the hard-earned money of our taxpayers making responsible investments and carefully watching the fiscal health of our Commonwealth, “ said House Appropriations Chairman Chris Jones (R-Suffolk). “With this strong leadership team working alongside Committee Chairs, seasoned veterans, and our new members, we will continue to chart a responsible course for our financial future.”