Promise Kept: Speaker Cox announces implementation of paid parental leave policy for Virginia House of Delegates

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Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox announced on Wednesday the implementation of a paid parental leave policy for the Virginia House of Delegates. In December Cox announced he would direct the Clerk of the House of Delegates to develop a new policy to provide paid parental leave for the Virginia House of Delegates for the birth or adoption of a child.

“I am happy to announce that as of today, the policy crafted by the Clerk and his staff has been fully implemented,” said Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights.) “There is nothing more important to a family than those first few months at home as they welcome and share joyous moments with their new child. As I said in December, I believe leading by example is a better approach than burdensome mandates and hope Virginia businesses will take this positive, family-friendly step.”

The full policy can be found here. The new policy is substantially more generous than the previous policy outlined in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Handbook. Previously, employees were required to use accrued personal leave at the discretion of their supervisor, sick leave, and then may enroll in short-term disability, which only pays a percentage of the employee’s income.

For example, an employee hired after July 1, 2009 would be eligible to use accrued personal leave and up to eight to ten days of sick leave before taking short-term disability. Virginia’s short-term disability policy provides for up to 125 workdays of partial income replacement. Employees with less than five years of service receive 60 percent of income replacement. Employees with more than five years of service receive 25 days of 100 percent income replacement, 25 days at 80 percent, and 75 days at 60 percent.

Cox added, “I appreciate the work of the House Clerk’s Office. They implemented a comprehensive human resources policy in a matter of weeks, and should be applauded for their efforts.”