House of Delegates passes sexual harassment training legislation

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The Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday passed legislation mandating all members and staff of the General Assembly to participate in sexual harassment training. The bill was introduced by Delegate Roxann Robinson (R-Chesterfield).

“In light of recent news reports across the country regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, this legislation assures our constituents that we take the issue serious,” said Delegate Roxann Robinson. “The men and women who serve and work in the General Assembly are some of the most respected people I know, there is something to be said for Virginia that harassment reports are rare around Capitol Square. This legislation will make certain the reputation of this legislative body is always upheld.”

The extensive course will be administered by the Clerk of the House and the Clerk of the Senate. Elected Delegates and Senators as well as all staff members of both bodies will be required to take the training courses upon hiring and every two years thereafter.

“I am proud of Delegate Robinson for her leadership on this piece of legislation, said Speaker Kirk Cox (R – Colonial Heights). “Her bill ensures we are taking proactive steps to educate General Assembly members and staff on appropriate standards of conduct and reporting procedures. We believe everyone should be safe while on Capitol Square, as I strongly stated in my open letter to the community this fall.”

House Republicans unanimously voted to require sexual harassment training, while 10 Democrats voted against the bill.