House of Delegates Honors Virginia Teacher of the Year

parker2018 General Assembly

The Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday honored Michelle Cottrell-Williams, the 2018 Virginia Teacher of the Year, with a center-aisle presentation on the floor of the House of Delegates. Delegate R. Steven Landes, Chairman of the House Education committee, presented Ms. Cottrell-Williams with House Joint Resolution 188 as part of the presentation.

“Michelle Cottrell-Williams has spent her career working hard, and is most deserving of the honor of being recognized with a center-aisle presentation on the floor of the House of Delegates. House Joint Resolution 188 reflects her commitment to our students, not only in her role as Chairman of the Social Studies Department at Wakefield High School, but for her numerous school, division, and statewide responsibilities she has also assumed.” said Landes (R-Weyers Cave).  “Michelle embodies the dedication and commitment to serving, teaching, and inspiring the students of Arlington and the Commonwealth. She is essential to helping our students reach their full potential.”

A center-aisle presentation is reserved only for special honors of those who have had profound impacts on the Commonwealth of Virginia. House Resolution 188 was passed in the Virginia House of Delegates on February 9th and the Virginia State Senate on February 14th.  The resolution was introduced by Delegate Landes, Chairman of the House Education Committee.

“Hardworking and dedicated teachers are important to our children’s success,” said Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights). “It’s teachers like Michelle Cottrell-Williams who inspire students to study hard, get good grades, and strive to achieve the career they have always dreamt about.”

Michelle Cottrell-Williams is a social studies teacher at Wakefield High School in Arlington County. Among her many school activities, Ms. Cottrell-Williams has served as an instructional lead teacher, a member of the Project LEAD team, a member of the Wakefield High School Internal Modifications Committee for Design and Construction, a Blackboard Course Mentor for Secondary T-Scale New Hires, and chair of the Social Studies Department. She has reached out beyond her school walls by assuming other division and statewide roles. These roles include serving as a Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning trainer for Regions 4 and 5, a planner and organizer for the “We Are All Arlington!” daytime student event, and a speaker at various events. Ms. Cottrell Williams represented the Commonwealth as a nominee for the 2018 National Teacher of the Year.