Statement of House Leadership on pro-abortion lawsuit challenging Virginia’s commonsense pro-life laws

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Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox, Majority Leader Todd Gilbert, Caucus Chairman Tim Hugo, and Majority Whip Nick Rush released the following statement Wednesday after pro-abortion groups filed a federal lawsuit challenging Virginia’s commonsense pro-life laws, including the 24-hour waiting period upheld by the Supreme Court almost two decades ago.

“Protecting the right to life is a fundamental obligation of government enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s own birth certificate. To that end, Virginia has commonsense laws to protect mothers and unborn children, including restrictions on late-term abortions, strong informed consent statutes, and reasonable medical regulations that will undoubtedly be upheld in federal court if adequately defended by the Attorney General.

“The 24-hour waiting period being challenged has been the law of the land for nearly two decades, upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The abdominal ultrasound law being challenged is medically necessary, the current standard of practice among physicians, and less invasive than the transvaginal ultrasounds often conducted by Planned Parenthood prior to performing an abortion.

“We strongly urge Attorney General Mark Herring to defend the laws of the Commonwealth with the full force of his office. Should he once again neglect his duty to do so, the Speaker will consider using his authority to hire counsel to defend the law on behalf of the House of Delegates.”