Statement of House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert on Attorney General Mark Herring’s defense of Virginia’s pro-life laws


Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert released the following statement Friday after Attorney General Mark Herring’s office filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit challenging Virginia’s commonsense pro-life laws, including the 24-hour waiting period upheld by the United States Supreme Court almost two decades ago and the requirement that abortions only be conducted by physicians.

“Virginia’s pro-life laws are so reasonable, sensible, and constitutionally sound that even a pro-abortion Attorney General who accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood feels they must be defended. The law is so crystal clear that Attorney General Herring simply cannot ignore it.

“The laws being challenged by a coalition of pro-abortion groups make sense to any reasonable individual. Virginia law simply states that if an abortion is going to occur lawfully, it should be conducted by a physician in a medical environment following current standards of medical practice and after a mother is availed of all of the options available to preserve the life of her unborn child.

“As the Speaker and my colleagues in the House said when this lawsuit was announced, we have no doubt these laws will be upheld if given the proper defense. The action today by the Attorney General is a positive sign, but we strongly urge him to continue to give our commonsense pro-life laws the vigorous defense they deserve.”


Stand with us as we fight for Pro-Life values.


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