ICYMI Delegate Gilbert exposes hypocritical partisan power grab

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Thursday on the House floor, Delegate Gilbert exposed the hypocritical partisan redistricting plan presented by House Democrats. Below are a few excerpts from the speech as well as the full video.

“I’m hearing something from the gentleman from Charlottesville that is reminiscent of the same type of thing that I have heard for about a decade from the Democrats in this body as they have attempted to stake out some sort of moral high ground on the issue of redistricting. I would suggest that the facade of that moral high ground completely disappeared yesterday with the introduction of their redistricting map and plan.”

“To say that the current position taken by our Democratic colleagues is hypocritical is an understatement.”

“Yesterday, we saw house Democrats introduce a map that goes to great lengths to protect four of their vulnerable members, it goes to great lengths to significantly weaken five incumbent Republicans. Contrary to what the gentleman said at the press conference yesterday about his own map, it paired four of our Republican incumbents into the same district.”

“At the same time this map kept a number of Democratic incumbents separated who live less than a mile apart from each other.”