Today is Day 3 of the Virginia Democrats’ Tax Refund Delay

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Virginia taxpayers are still waiting as we enter the third day of the Virginia Democrats’ Tax Refund Delay.

 Taxpayers across the Commonwealth are filing their returns, but refund checks cannot be processed because 34 House Democrats voted against emergency conformity legislation.

 Not all Democrats, however, voted to deprive taxpayers of their hard-earned money, as the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

“House Bill 2355, proposed by House Appropriations Chairman Chris Jones, R-Suffolk, passed on a 67-32 vote. The bill would have required support by 80 percent of the House and 80 percent of the Senate in order to pass with an emergency clause so it could take effect immediately upon the governor’s signature.”

“The bill gained support from 16 Democrats — all from suburbs in Virginia’s urban crescent from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads that could be affected by inadvertent increases in state income taxes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that President Donald Trump signed more than 13 months ago.”

Many Democrats in politically vulnerable districts understand the difficult path their party has charted. They supported the House Republican plan to enact emergency conformity and set all of the money aside in a lockbox so it can be used for tax relief legislation.

All 51 Republicans were unified by efforts to immediately conform Virginia’s tax code and return the money to the taxpayers. The Democrats were not.