51 by 51: Tuition Freeze

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Tuition Freeze

Virginia students borrow over $1 billion per year to attend college, creating a mounting pile of student debt that hurts our economy and our children’s futuer.

Making college more affordable has long been a priority of the House of Delegates, and this year’s budget takes a huge step on higher education affordability. The budget includes $57 millions to incentivize our public colleges and universities to freeze tuition.

This new funding, paired with new legislation to mandate public input before an institution raises tuition, will go a long way toward helping control the rising cost of attending a public college or university.

The budget also increases funding for financial aid by $16 million, providing more financial assistance to those who need it.

All 51 House Republican members supported freezing college tuition, making it a great example of yet another of the 51 accomplishments by the 51 members of the Republican-led House of Delegates.