51 by 51: Elevating Women to Judgeships

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51 by 51

Elevating Women to Judgeships

This year, the General Assembly elected Judge Teresa Chafin to the Supreme Court of Virginia, and Judge Patricia West as the newest judge on the State Corporation Commission.

Since 2001, the Republican-led General Assembly has developed a consistent track record of elevating women and minorities in Virginia’s Judicial System.

Judge West’s election to the State Corporation Commission means women will now hold the majority on this important court. Justice-elect Chafin is the fourth woman elected to the Supreme Court since 2001 (Kinser, 2010; Powell, 2011; McClanahan, 2011; Chafin, 2019).

Based on data available from the Office of the Executive Secretary, the Republican-led General Assembly has elected over 100 women to judgeships across the Commonwealth.