51 by 51: Better Insurance Access

HouseGOP2019 General Assembly, 51 by 51

51 by 51

Better Insurance Access

This year, the Republican-led House of Delegates passed a series of bills to help lower health insurance costs, improve transparency, and ensure better care. Our reforms put patients first.

The House passed legislation to make it easier for small businesses to join together on health insurance coverage through “association” health plans. For too many small business owners, providing healthcare to their employees, or even just for their own family is too expensive. This legislation will allow members of a sponsoring association, such as a chamber of commerce, to access more affordable health insurance plans.

We need to help our small businesses succeed and level the playing field by lowering the cost of providing healthcare to their employees. 

Cutting the cost of healthcare is yet another one of our 51 unique accomplishments by the 51 members of the Republican-led House of Delegates.