Statement of House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert on Democrat Boycott of 2019 Commemoration Events at Jamestown

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House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement regarding the House and Senate Democrat boycott of President Trump’s potential visit to Jamestown:

“It’s disappointing, but not at all unexpected, that Democrats would put politics ahead of this historic occasion. Virginia has been the custodian of representative democracy for 400 years. As the inheritors of the House of Burgesses, we are entrusted with a legacy that will last long after we are gone, and should not be reduced to partisanship.

“The continued hypocrisy demonstrated by Democrats this year is stunning.

“First, Democrats called on Governor Northam to resign en masse for admitting to wearing blackface, but have slowly walked back their opposition and started accepting his campaign contributions. No Democrat has refused to attend the commemoration with Northam, despite insisting there’s no room for racism at this commemoration.

“Then, Democrats embraced the “me too” movement and echoed calls of “believe all women,” until it impacted the Lt. Governor. They won’t even give the alleged victims a hearing.

“Now they’re turning their backs on an event marking 400 years of democracy, before taking time to learn that the leader of their own party was the one who invited the President.

“Virginians deserve better. I hope our Democrat colleagues will change their minds.”