House Majority Leader Gilbert: Democrat Cost of Redemption is Roughly $75,000

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House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam accepted by Democrats since the party called for his resignation in February.

“Despite unequivocal calls from their party for his resignation, Democrat House candidates have taken at least another $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam’s ‘The Way Ahead’ PAC,” Gilbert said. “Democrats say they don’t support Ralph Northam, but they certainly support cashing his checks.”

“Each and every one of them should have to answer for their decision to accept money from the man that, just a few short months ago, was in the process of being drummed out of politics by his own party. Either these candidates think Ralph Northam should resign, or they don’t. They either stand with Ralph Northam or they don’t,” he added.

House Democrat candidates accepting Northam money during the last reporting period include:

  • Martha Mugler, HD 91: $10,000
  • Shelia Bynum-Coleman, HD 66: $15,000
  • Nancy Guy, HD 83: $10,000
  • Larry Barnett: HD 27, $10,000
  • Alex Askew, HD 85: 10,000
  • Mike Mullin, HD 93: $10,000
  • Kathleen Murphy, HD 34: $10,000

Other Democrats who accepted Northam money during the previous reporting period include:

  • Kelly Fowler, HD 21
  • Dawn Adams, HD 68
  • Schulyer VanValkenburg, HD 72
  • Karen Mallard, HD 84
  • Clint Jenkins, HD 76
  • Don Scott, HD 80
  • Phil Hernandez, HD 100