Chairman Bell renews call for bipartisan hearing on sexual assault allegations, proposes Oct. 16 date

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RICHMOND — House Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) renewed his call for a public, bipartisan hearing today on the two allegations of sexual assault by Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Chairman Bell proposed an October 16th date for the hearings.

“The two women requested a legislative hearing and have stated that they will only testify if the hearing is bipartisan,” said Chairman Rob Bell. “Earlier this year, we formulated a plan and presented it to House Democratic leadership. This would have created a special subcommittee with equal membership by both parties that would have taken testimony from Dr. Tyson, Ms. Watson, and Lt. Governor Fairfax. We also welcomed any counter-proposals from House Democrats that would have allowed such a bipartisan hearing to occur. However, they unequivocally rejected holding such a hearing.”

“Recently, at least one sitting Democratic Delegate and one Democratic candidate have called for bipartisan hearings,” Chairman Bell continued. “The Washington Post editorial board did the same earlier this week. Although House Democratic leadership seems unwilling, we renew our offer hold a hearing. The House Courts of Justice Committee is ready and able to meet on October 16th and I hope our House Democratic colleagues will finally allow these women a chance to be heard.”