House Republican Leader Statement on Capitol Firearm Ban

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With less than 24 hours notice, House and Senate Democrats today overturned more than a decade of policy and voted to ban all firearms from the Capitol and office buildings. This measure includes the general public, concealed carry permit holders, and General Assembly members. Law abiding citizens with valid concealed handgun permits have always been allowed to bring their lawful firearms into these facilities.

Not only did the vote take place with little notice and no public distribution of the policy ahead of time, it was done in a meeting that was not broadcast to the public like other committee meetings.

House Democrats expressly stated that the policy was adopted at the request of the Capitol Police, which appears to be categorically untrue.

Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Democrats have long made it clear they wanted to ban firearms in the Capitol and legislative office buildings. That’s not surprising. But for Democrats to intentionally misrepresent that they were introducing the policy at the request of Capitol Police is disgusting and wrong.

“Democrats hold majorities in both chambers and can pass whatever policy they wish. However, today’s action will ensure this policy takes effect without a vote from the vast majority of legislators. Democrats want to ban guns, but not enough to stand up and take responsibility for their own policy. Furthermore, hiding behind the honor of our Capitol Police is cowardly.

“Through their underhanded maneuvers Democrats have already made it clear that they’ll do whatever it takes to implement their agenda, including making major policy changes with no notice and little debate.“