House Republican Leaders Statement on HB 582

gshipley2020 General Assembly

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Even President Franklin Roosevelt knew that unions were all but incompatible with public service. When boards and councils negotiate with labor, a bad deal doesn’t come out of their pocket. This will increase local taxes on hard working Virginia families and isn’t the direction Virginia in which should be moving to improve our educational system.”

House Labor and Commerce Ranking Member Terry Kilgore, R-Gate City, issued the following statement:

“House Bill 582 will put local taxpayers on the hook for the lawyers and labor experts every city, county, and town will have to hire to ensure compliance. Allowing public sector employees to effectively hold taxpayers hostage is a significant policy shift and the opposite direction this country has been moving over the last few decades. Interestingly, this would billed as pro-employee initiative, yet it repeals a section of code ensuring union members have a right to a secret ballot in union elections.”