House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert Statement on Proposed ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

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House Democrats have prepared an amended version of their ill-advised House Bill 961, legislation that would turn countless law-abiding Virginians into felons in short order.

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert released the following statement:

“Any legislation that requires Virginians to surrender or destroy their lawfully possessed firearms or standard-issue magazines is tantamount to confiscation and a gross violation of our constitutional rights. Governor Northam and House Democrats are still going after law-abiding citizens with these policies, and Virginians who merely own the most common types of firearms and accessories would be made to be felons and subject to prison.

“House Democrats seem to have learned nothing from the public outcry caused by their proposals. A similar Senate version of House Bill 961 is exactly what prompted the ‘Second Amendment sanctuary cities’ movement across Virginia. These efforts will continue to divide Virginia and without any meaningful public safety outcomes whatsoever.”