House Republican Leaders Statement on House Bill 1635

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The Virginia House of Delegates today passed legislation to repeal enactments adopted in 2012 that prevent bidders, offers, contractors, and subcontractors of WMATA projects within the Commonwealth from being required to enter into project labor agreements (PLAs). House Republicans opposed the bill due to the potential for PLAs to become mandatory for future metro work done solely within Virginia.

“The current protections against mandatory PLAs brings more bidders to the table and force competition,” said Del. Michael Webert (R-Fauquier). “By requiring PLAs, you’re ultimately going to drive up the cost of projects. Phase 2 of the Silver Line is a perfect example. By not having a PLA for that phase, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were saved.”

Absent the previous protections, less bidder competition could drive up construction costs, placing a heavier burden on taxpayers to fund infrastructural improvements.