House Republican Leader Statement on Atlantic COVID-19 Testing Story

gshipleyGovernor Northam

Today’s story in the Atlantic amplifies what the Richmond Times Dispatch had already reported: Doctor Northam and his team are committing malpractice with Virginia’s testing program. The Governor recently stated that ‘Virginia is in a good place.’ The Atlantic’s report contradicts that claim and undermines any faith in what’s been communicated to Virginians about testing in the Commonwealth.

“In times of crisis, the single most important currency held by any government is trust. Trust that leaders are doing the best job they can to get good information. Trust that the actions taken by leaders are guided by a desire to protect the public. Governor Northam and his team — whether through incompetence or inability — have squandered that currency, and Virginia still remains 47th in testing.

“It’s incomprehensible that a doctor would allow the manipulation of testing data to occur. Virginians deserve a clear picture about the impacts of the virus, not boosted numbers in an effort to improve the Northam Administration’s image. Lives and livelihoods are on the line.

“To save lives and jobs, we need reliable information. That requires real, accurate information. Governor Northam and his team have proven that they are not up to this challenge. It is time for a change.”