House GOP Leader Gilbert Statement on Governor’s Reversal on COVID-19 Nursing Home Information

gshipleyGovernor Northam, Health Care

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“I cannot fathom the reasoning behind the Governor’s announcement today. Families have sought this information — information they could use to protect their loved ones from a lethal threat — for months. Now, after the body count in nursing homes reaches 1,000, the Governor has reversed course.

“If it is legal to release the information now, it was legal to release it when it was first requested. Perhaps, had the Governor not been distracted by his political rehabilitation, he could have realized this earlier and lives could have been saved. Incompetence kills, and there is a great deal of incompetence from this Governor. Inexplicable decisions like this will force us to look at executive authority in the upcoming special session.

“How much longer will Speaker Filler-Corn and her House Democratic majority allow this incompetence to continue? The lives of our constituents are at stake.”