House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert Statement on OSIG Parole Board Report

gshipley2020 General Assembly, Public Safety

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, issued the following statement:

“Today, I learned that the Office of State Inspector General has completed its report on a complaint filed regarding the Parole Board. According to published reports, the office was investigating claims that the board had not followed the law regarding the release of prisoners, including Vincent Martin, who was convicted in the 1979 killing of Richmond police Officer Michael Connors.

“Questions about the speed at which other inmates have been released and notification of other families of victims have been raised but not answered. Under the statute that created the Office of State Inspector General, senior leadership of the General Assembly must be given access to reports when they are completed. To date, the only copy that has been released is one almost completely redacted, with no information about the probe at all — other than that the complaints were substantiated.

“I have written a letter requesting the Inspector General provide my office with a copy of the unredacted report.”

Find the letter from Leader Gilbert linkedĀ here.