Terry McAuliffe’s Swing and Miss on Education Funding


Earlier this morning, Terry McAuliffe announced that he was running for a second term as Governor, with a focus on education. The announcement was interesting, given that McAuliffe stood in front of a closed public school despite mounting evidence of virtual learning’s failures, especially for the students of color predominantly served by the school McAuliffe used as a political prop today.

More interesting though is that Terry McAuliffe seems to want people to think he will do with a second term what he failed to do in his first: prioritize public education.

Governor McAuliffe proposed just one teacher pay raise in his four years as Governor. And the Republican-led General Assembly invested more money in our schools than Governor McAuliffe proposed every single year.

“The best thing Terry McAuliffe ever did for our schools was to get out of the way and sign Republican budgets that made significant investments in education,” said Garren Shipley, a spokesman for House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert.