Statement of House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert on Governor Northam’s Proposed Budget Amendments

gshipley2021 General Assembly, Budget, Governor Northam

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Governor Northam’s budget proposals are extremely disappointing. Rather than face the very real crisis facing our students, Governor Northam has instead defaulted back to the same old Democratic playbook — throwing money at the same old line items and hoping they solve problems he won’t even acknowledge, instead focusing on his ongoing efforts at political rehabilitation.

“The amount of failing grades in our K-12 schools have skyrocketed. Children trapped in endless Zoom meetings aren’t just failing to learn — they’re losing hope. The Governor has proposed no funding to help parents get the technology or other assistance their children need to succeed in virtual schools. His budget includes no immediate help for families who live beyond the reach of broadband Internet. Children and families need help now, not down the road.”