House Republican Leader Gilbert: House Democrats Choose Unions over Children

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House Democrats voted in lockstep to stop a Republican effort to add an emergency clause to SB 1303 that would require schools to immediately give parents a choice of five-day, in-person school or virtual education.

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Today, the House of Delegates cast what was probably the most impactful vote of the 2021 session. We were presented with a binary choice — vote to give parents a choice of sending their children back to real, 5-day a week school immediately, or leave them trapped in the untenable status quo.

“For Republicans, the choice has always been clear: parents should have a real choice, and they should have it as soon possible. Democrats, unfortunately, chose to listen to teachers’ unions who continue to fight any effort to bring our kids back to school in a timely manner.

“Our kids are suffering. They need help now. House Democrats have ensured they won’t get that help for months to come.”