On Dr. Seuss’ Birthday…

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With loving apologies to the author.

The kids did not learn. The kids did not play.
They sat on their laptops for day after day.
Virtual learning was here in their room.
They spent all their time on an unending Zoom.

Loudoun County had problems, and they were not few.
Test scores were dropping, and learning was too.
But that’s not the problem the Board had today.
No, the problem is Seuss! He must go away.

“The classics are racist!,” we heard them to say.
So kids should not read them, at home or at play.
No matter their value, not matter their look
Kids should not read such a terrible book!

Our parents all read them, our grandparents too.
We turned out our all right. (Well, maybe not you).
We read of the Lorax, of Horton, and Pets
But that’s problematic, so the axe now it gets!

We must be responsive, lest feelings be hurt.
This Seuss must be stopped, crushed into the dirt.
No more Cat in the Hat, or Fish Red and Blue
There’s no telling what harm these old books might do.

Our kids still aren’t learning, they’re depressed, losing hope.
But now here in Richmond? Let’s legalize dope!
Yes, that’s a real problem in need of repair!
Kids? They’re resilient, we don’t need to care.

So Seuss is verboten, and he’s off to the bin.
I tell you this cancelling is some kind of sin.
When these kids are our age, and they look back on us,
I can’t help but think they’ll do nothing but cuss.

Dear reader, I thank you for this time well spent.
Because of this verse, a message is sent.
Cancelling people is stupid, no mater the writer.
And I’m proud that for Free Speech, I’m a fighter.

Dr. Seuss is no racist. His books are just great.
Reading is fun, and Seuss opens the gate.
So dear readers, in closing this is what I shall say.
Open schools, go read Seuss, and let our kids play.