House Republicans Field Historic Number of Candidates for 2021

gshipleyCampaigns & Elections

With filing deadlines for primaries now past, House Republicans are excited to announce that we will have a historic number of Republican candidates this fall.

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“After two years of one-party rule in Richmond, it’s clear that Virginians are ready for change. This year we’re fielding the most candidates we have in at least a quarter century. A minimum of 87 districts will have a Republican on the ballot. And we’re not done yet. The House Republican Caucus is working with the Republican Party of Virginia and local units every day to find quality challengers for the remaining 13 districts that don’t yet have a Republican challenger.

“Our slate of candidates will be one of the most diverse we’ve ever fielded, including 19 Republican women, and will represent Virginians from all walks of life. They all share our commitment to common-sense, conservative principles including safe neighborhoods, good jobs, and a refocus on our children’s education.

“I want to thank Del. Terry Kilgore and Del. Emily Brewer, as well as the Republican Party of Virginia, for their hard work ensuring voters across Virginia will have a real choice this November. I’m truly proud of the work they’ve done in finding candidates all across our Commonwealth.

“Wayne Gretzky said it well: you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. We’re not going to let a single opportunity to end one-party rule go to waste. There’s too much at stake.”