Gilbert: House Democrats Have Nominated the Most Far-Left Ticket in Virginia History

gshipley2021 General Assembly

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“With today’s vote, Democrats have nominated a statewide ticket that seeks to further erode public safety, continue to hamper our children’s education, and weaken Virginia’s economic competitiveness.

“The Democratic ticket of Terry McAuliffe, who was lambasted by his fellow Democrats as being a ‘failure’ as Governor, Hala Ayala, who made news in the last days of her campaign for being a liar, and Mark Herring, the only candidate seeking re-election who has admitted to appearing in blackface hope Virginians forget about their failures.

“Down ballot, with enthusiasm clearly low, House Democrats are saddled with a raft of newcomers who believe Virginia hasn’t gone far enough in punishing law enforcement and coddling criminals. Additionally, Democrats continue to be saddled with internal fighting over who should bankroll their campaigns.

“Democrats have nominated a slate of candidates who want to continue the failed policies that have seen Virginia’s national standing diminish over the last two years. The House Republican Caucus looks forward to working with our statewide ticket and House candidates to defeat Democrats up and down the ballot this November.”