Statement of House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert on OSIG Investigation Report

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Parol Board HQ

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“House Democrats needed a way to discredit the plethora of damning Office of State Inspector General reports into the Parole Board, but they couldn’t risk turning over too many stones to do it. That’s why today’s report doesn’t reflect a critical look at the Parole Board, but rather scrutiny of OSIG’s investigation into the potentially illegal activity at the Parole Board. Today’s report is merely a campaign document.”

“The results were entirely predictable: a report from a partisan Democratic law firm hired by the Democratic Attorney General that claims a report showing Democrats in a bad light is biased. Their continued assault on a whistleblower is evident in this report. Governor Northam and Speaker Filler-Corn should release this report to the public immediately so Virginians can see what $250,000 worth of damage control looks like.”