Gilbert: If Democrats Won’t Conduct a Real Investigation of the Parole Board , Republicans Will

gshipley2021 General Assembly

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Democrats got exactly what they paid for in their $250,000 ‘investigation’ into the Office of State Inspector General’s Parole Board review — an excuse to ignore the entire situation.

“Taxpayers, on the other hand, got nothing. They didn’t get answers as to why the Attorney General’s office — held by a Democrat with a significant interest in seeing this scandal go away — was allowed to make final edits to the report. No answers as to why victim contact policies were violated in six other cases. No answers as to why nearly 100 felons were released from supervision with the wave of a “magic wand.”

“The families of victims deserve answers, not just a blithe dismissal of their concerns with ‘it was biased.’ Speaker Filler-Corn should charge the House Courts of Justice Committee with conducting a real investigation when we convene for a likely Special Session this summer. Make no mistake: should Democrats fail to act, an incoming Republican majority will.”