Statement of House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert on President Biden’s Crime Prevention Plan

gshipleyPublic Safety

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“We know why crime numbers are up nationally, and we know why murders are trending up in Virginia. Democrats from Washington to Richmond have done what they always do — choose to protect criminals rather than our communities, victims of crime, and the police who protect us, while turning their backs on proven solutions that save lives.

“For two sessions in a row Republicans have introduced a plan to save young black men from gun violence, Project Ceasefire. And just as often, Democrats have moved to block it from become law. Why? Because it isn’t gun control.”

“It’s not just House Democrats who have stood in the way of saving lives. Attorney General Mark Herring refused to accept grant money to bring a program similar to Ceasefire to Virginia for years. The reason? It required him to agree to inform Federal authorities when criminal illegal aliens were to be released from jail. What did he do instead? He made a website.

“When Democrats are in control, criminals have little to fear. That’s just one more reason Virginians will end one-party Democrat rule in Virginia this November.”