Highlights: House Republican Leadership Holds Press Event on Special Session Budget Amendment Ban

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House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, Caucus Chair Kathy Byron, and Whip Jay Leftwich held a press conference today to discuss the decision by House Democrats to prevent bipartisan discussion and debate regarding amending the biennial budget due to the over $4 billion in Federal relief funding sent to the Commonwealth.

Find highlights of the event below:

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising that Democrats would want to all but prevent input and debate — it’s how we’ve operated for nearly two years. They’re on the wrong side of a number of issues critical to Virginia families, whether that’s indoctrinating our children with a curriculum based on CRT, the broken Virginia Employment Commission, rising crime in communities across Virginia, or the lawbreaking Parole Board. This is no way to govern.”

House Caucus Chair Kathy Byron

“The General Assembly is preparing to spend $4 billion of taxpayer money. Yet the Democratic majority has told members in an official memo that no member will be allowed to make amendments to the proposed budget. They’re effectively saying they will write the budget behind closed doors without any input from the people or their elected representatives. That’s wrong, but not out of character for our Democratic colleagues as this has become a theme over the last two years. As a local paper likes to say, ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’”

House Republican Whip Jay Leftwich

“Our constituents have made it clear what they want from us. They want safe communities, a high-quality education for their kids, and to not be overtaxed. Democrats don’t want to engage in a transparent legislative process that lets all 100 members of the House of Delegates have a say in how tax dollars are spent; they are making backroom deals and in doing so are excluding all of Virginia’s citizens from the process.”