House Republican Leadership Asks Congressional Delegation for Info on Virginians Stranded in Afghanistan

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Virginia’s House Republican Caucus leadership wants information on how many Virginians remain trapped in Afghanistan, and how the Commonwealth can help get them home.

In a letter sent to Virginia’s bipartisan Congressional delegation this week, House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, Caucus Chair Kathy Byron, and Whip Jay Leftwich asked Virginia’s Senators and Representatives how state government could help get Virginians out of Afghanistan safely.

“Overseas work is the realm of the Federal government, but in a crisis like this, it’s all-hands-on-deck. If there’s anything the Commonwealth of Virginia can do to help get our people safely out of Afghanistan, we want to know what it is so we can help get the ball rolling as soon as possible. We don’t leave people behind,” said Gilbert.

From the letter:

“..[W]e write seeking your help in learning how many Virginians remain trapped in Afghanistan at this time. Further, while we recognize that foreign affairs are the realm of the Federal government, we ask what resources or other support the Commonwealth can provide to assist in getting those Virginians safely home.

“The images we have seen of this evacuation are simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating. So much of this could have been prevented with adequate planning. While we are not privy to the same level of information as you, it appears intelligence and military operations provided decision makers with more than adequate information in advance of Kabul’s fall.

“Regardless, our primary objective must now be the evacuation of American citizens and our NATO and Afghan allies. Every person flown out of Kabul is one more soul that will not be claimed by Taliban brutality.”