Gilbert: Democrats Who Don’t Disavow NARAL Endorsements Own #DefundThePolice

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NARAL-VA had previously tweeted their support for defunding the police, but did so again on Tuedsay multiple times during an online conversation about where candidates stand on the issue of supporting law enforcement.

Democrats have already taken over $300k from Future Now, a left-wing group who has also pushed to defund police departments across the nation. It’s time for them to put up or shut up.

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“With their base disillusioned with President Biden and Democratic majorities in Congress, House Democrats have embraced divisive social issues as a way to fire up their apathetic base. Most of them have embraced endorsements from NARAL’s Virginia affiliate.

“But after yesterday’s social media posts, Democrats have a clear choice. They can either stand against #DefundThePolice and renounce NARAL’s endorsement and any affiliated help, or they can remain silent and confirm that they agree that Virginia should #DefundThePolice. One Democrat has already walked away from NARAL’s support.

Each one of these candidates owes voters an answer immediately. Do they stand with our law enforcement community, or not?”