Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert Announces Additional Committee Chairs for the 2022-23 General Assembly

gshipley2022 General Assembly

Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert today announced the chairs of five additional House standing committees.

“I’m pleased to announce more of the House of Delegates leadership team for the upcoming General Assembly session. These new committee chairs will bring a wealth of experience to their new assignments, and they join seven other chairs already appointed. I look forward to working with all of them to enact our shared common-sense, conservative agenda,” Gilbert said.

Today’s appointments include:

Education: Del. Glenn Davis, R-Virginia Beach
Finance: Del. Roxann Robinson, R-Chesterfield
Counties, Cities and Towns: Del. Keith Hodges, R-Middlesex
Privileges and Elections: Del. Margaret Ransone, R-Westmoreland
Public Safety: Del. Tony Wilt, R-Rockingham