Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert Announces House COVID Mitigation Policies for the 2022 Session

gshipley2022 General Assembly

Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert announced today the COVID-19 mitigation protocols that will be in place for the 2022 House session.

“When the House of Delegates last met in 2021, it was our sincere hope that COVID would be a memory before we reconvened in 2022. While we have made a great deal of progress in mitigating the pandemic, it is clear that COVID will be with us as we begin the 2022 Session,” Gilbert said.

“Nonetheless, it is crucial that we not only get the people’s business done in a timely manner, but we do so in an open and transparent fashion, while operating in as regular of order as possible.”

“For that reason — failing some unforeseen crisis beyond COVID — the House of Delegates will meet in person for the 2022 session beginning on January 12th,” Gilbert said. “In-person testimony before committees will resume, but virtual testimony via video link will remain available.”

Speaker-designee Gilbert encouraged everyone who will interact with the General Assembly in person to be vaccinated and, if appropriate, get a booster shot as soon as possible. Those exhibiting COVID symptoms are asked not to attend in person, but rather participate remotely. All House floor sessions, committee, and subcommittee meetings will be live streamed and archived.

“Like Governor-elect Youngkin, I urge every Virginian to be vaccinated and, when appropriate, get a booster. Vaccines may not prevent every case of COVID, but they are extremely effective in turning what could be a life-threatening illness into something much less severe,” Gilbert said.

Medical-grade KN95 masks will also be available from the House Clerk’s office to anyone who enters the Pocahontas Building or Capitol. Building capacities will be closely monitored by Capitol Police, and temperature screening will be available at all entrances, and throughout the buildings.

“To help ensure and promote health and safety for everyone who interacts with the General Assembly, the House Clerk’s office will maintain an ample supply of KN95 masks for legislators, staff, and visitors for those who wish to use them, in addition to nitrile gloves, and alcohol-based sanitizers,” he said. “COVID will likely be with us for some time, but thanks to the powerful new tools we have from projects like Operation Warp Speed, we can do the people’s business effectively and safely.”

Find a detailed breakdown of the House of Delegates policies that will come into effect on January 12, 2022 at this link.