House Education Committee Passes Bill Ending Mask Mandates

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— House Committee sends SB 739 to the House floor for passage next week —

Earlier today, the House Education committee voted to advance Senate Bill 739 to the full House for consideration and likely passage next week.

The legislation will effectively end school mask mandates in our public schools. Governor Youngkin has said he will return the bill with an emergency clause that will allow the bill to take effect immediately.

“This vote gets us one step closer to ending unreasonable mask mandates in our schools. I’d like to thank the members of the Education Committee for their swift work today to make this happen,” said House Education Committee Chairman Glenn Davis, R-Virginia Beach. “Senate Bill 739 puts parents back in charge of whether or not their children wear a mask in school. It’s a common-sense measure, and long overdue.”

“When Republicans said we’re listening to parents, we meant it,” said House Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah. “Today’s action shows our commitment to parents and their role in their children’s lives. Senate Bill 739 will be on the floor of the House for a final vote next week, and upon passage, I will personally communicate it to Governor Youngkin immediately. Our kids can’t wait.”