House Republican Leadership on Adjournment of 2022 Session: More Work To Do

gshipley2022 General Assembly

The 2022 Regular Session of the Virginia General Assembly adjourned sine die on Saturday. House Republicans came into this session focused on addressing the issues most impacting Virginians. While House Republicans were successful in many areas, the Commonwealth’s biennial budget remains unfinished.

“When Virginians gave us a new two-year lease on the people’s House, we came to Richmond committed to tackling the issues impacting their day-to-day lives,” said Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah. “They wanted parents back in charge of their children’s education, tax relief to help them deal with skyrocketing inflation and record gas prices, and they wanted their communities to be safe from those who would do them harm.”

“I’m proud to say that the House of Delegates not only listened to those concerns, but we passed legislation that addressed them, providing over $5 billion in tax relief, $2 billion to rebuild our crumbling schools, and ending unnecessary and overbearing mask mandates on our schools,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats who run the Senate decided to put their own partisan angst ahead of Virginia’s common good and not just block many common-sense bills, but also leave Richmond before the work was done,” Gilbert added. “When Governor Youngkin calls us back to Richmond, House Republicans will be ready to get the job done.”

“This session was remarkable. Virginians sent us here to make schools stronger and safer, to offer tax relief, and to make Virginia an even better place to do business,” said House Majority Leader Terry Kilgore, R-Gate City. “We accomplished that.”

“I’m proud of the budget that we passed in the House, and I’m proud of what it does for all Virginians,” Kilgore added. “When Governor Youngkin calls us back to Richmond, I hope Democrats will work with us and let the people’s business proceed.”

“The concerns voters expressed on the campaign trail haven’t changed,” said Republican Caucus Chair Amanda Batten, R-James City County. “While the results of legislation in the Senate don’t surprise us, the failure to pass a budget leaves a lot of policies in flux. When the Governor calls us back to Richmond, we’re going to pick up right where we left off: fighting for safer streets, better schools, and tax relief for hard working families.”

“The session may have ended, but the work isn’t done,” said Republican Whip Michael Webert, R-Fauquier. “House Republicans are eagerly awaiting Governor Youngkin’s call for us to return to Richmond to finish our Constitutional responsibility of passing a budget. We came here in January to do the job, and we’re anxious to complete it.”